Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How high can you go?

This morning a child noticed someone pass by the window. So I carried the child up to see. Which provoked the idea of using a ladder.  The children all took turns.

This child is testing his limits to see how high he can go up the ladder. Slowly and carefully making his way to the top. "Look, I'm at the top."

This child demonstrates no fear. He climbs up the ladder without any hesitation. Quickly making his way to the top. 

The children discovered they could see into the tall window on the door. They get a sense of feeling big and tall. 

In this experience the children learn valuable skills;
⚫️testing limits
⚫️self control
⚫️large motor skills
⚫️turn taking
⚫️self confidence

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  1. I just joined your blog site. Sorry for being a latecomer. I so enjoyed reading your blog and yes ladders are a cool tool, with just the right amount of risk involved to help grow those courage muscles! Keep on blogging.