Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How does my garden grow ?

Today we planted some daffodil bulbs. Before we planted them the children examined the bulbs, noticing that some of the bulbs were already beginning to sprout.

We talked about the bulbs and how they grow. The children learned that the points need to go up when planting. 

"If we put the point down the flowers will grow upside down."

"We'll have upside down flowers"

"Look their growing already. I can see them grow. Look can you see them grow?"

" We need to water them so they can grow. They get water for food because they can't eat real food."

The children then worked together to decide who would water the bulbs on which day. And how much water they should give the bulbs. Their plan must be working, take a look.

Written by Mrs. Balharry 

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