Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kings Park

Today some of the children headed to Kings Park to explore. Since it was a rainy day we made sure to dress in head to toe rain gear.

When we arrived we found a picnic table with lots of tree cover to shelter us from the rain. Right away the children excitedly gathered the bug catchers and went frog hunting! Immediately I heard loud voices all over yelling "I found one I found one".

The children quickly started gathering lots of frogs. Every time someone would find one they made sure to tell the rest. They used team work and cooperation to help each other. 

After a while of frog hunting the children found a big puddle...needless to say we did not come home dry! Between the rain, frogs and puddles they kept busy all day! 

The children started getting very curious about the frogs they were finding! 
"Can they swim?"
"What kind of frogs are they?"
"What do they eat?"

With the curiosity lingering some children wanted to know if the frogs could swim. Before putting them in the puddle we had a group discussion, because we did not want to harm the frogs. 
"Frogs have big legs that move out to swim" said a child. Then another children said "the baby frogs are born in water right Mrs. Zilkie?" After much discussion we decide it was safe to carefully place a frog in the puddle. The verdict is....they swim!!!!!

All in all we had a very adventurous day at Kings Park! Some of us even got a little sleepy on the way back. 

Before returning to the park next week we are going to do some research on the frogs we found at the park. We are curious about what kind of frogs they are and what they eat. If there are any frog experts out there we could use your help please share your knowledge. 🐸

Written by: Mrs. Zilkie πŸ™‹πŸΌ

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