Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Barrel of Monkey's Nature Style

The staff just recently finished off a new toy for our classroom. Barrel of monkey's nature style!
"Look you hang them on the hooks like this."
"This is so cool they can hang all the way down to the floor."
" How are we gonna reach the top hooks? Maybe we can stand on a block to reach them."
"Let's see how many long chains we can make."

Children can work independently or with peers. Some discussing how to hang the tree cookies. Others making loops with the chains from branch to branch.

Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills help to place the hooks in just the right places.
The children take time to line up the hooks to form a chain.
"We need the tree cookies with the hooks on the top and the bottom for this chain."

"Here I found some little baby ones for the tree."

"This is so cool. It's like a home made Christmas tree. A piece of art!"

"Can we hang them wherever we want?"
"Let's make some long and short chains."

 As the day goes on children come and go adding tree cookies and removing others to form new chains. Allowing the children to change the play.

Written by Mrs Balharry 

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