Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Let your creativity flow

This morning the staff set up some mini paint easels and water colour paints on our large spindle in the adventure playground. The children became curious and quickly gathered to see what was taking place.

Some of the children jumped right in letting their creativity loose. While others took in the area noticing trees, clouds, and birds flying above which they wanted to recreate.

Some of the children enjoyed the quiet time as they made colour selections and moved their brush across the canvas.

"These are the colours of the water at the lake. I like it there because the water cools us with it' s spray."

"There was pink in the sky last night and it was like this."

"This is my storm. There was a big one last night. It was dark. This dark."

What concentration getting that brush to paint on such a small area.

Written by Mrs. Balharry 🙋🏻

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