Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Old friends, New experiences

"Play is the answer to how anything new comes about".

-Jean Paget

Today, our Flex friends enjoyed a morning outside with some of the older groups.
Our older friends taught us many new ways to play , be creative and have a ton of fun!

"Look, we made our own seesaw!"

Our older friends also showed us more creative ways to display virtuous behaviour.

We showed commitment and determination by taking every step necessary in building objects with the wood and tires. Unity, by working as a team to build and assist in cleaning up when needed.

"I'll help too!"

Patience and perseverance, by not ever giving up or becoming frustrated at the tasks at hand. 

A lot of creativity, whether it had been playing catch with a basketball instead of a football, stacking tires to make little houses, building see saws out of plywood and tires or making "soup" out of water, grass and various plants found in the field...you name it, we thought of it!

"Let's play ball!"

And last but certainly not least, kindness by including everybody and playing with the sole intent of having fun! All in all, it was an excellent experience combining two very different age groups and we learned that we can achieve more vibrant and creative play when we do as such!


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