Thursday, 28 July 2016

I ho I ho it' s off to Kings park we go🐸

What a beautiful day to return to Kings park! As we headed out today there was a lot of discussion as to whether or not we would find frogs again, and if so would they have grown bigger. 

We caught 16 frogs today! We noticed that some of them are getting bigger. The group found that if we searched by the fallen logs we were able to find more. "The logs are their home. It's like a apartment for frogs where they all get their own rooms." Another child responds " That must be one big family living in that apartment!"

Because of the dryer weather we were able to venture further on the trails in search for the frogs.This gave the children a chance to work together deciding as a group which paths to take. We have a very adventurous group that day as they picked the trails with the most inclines and dips.

With a little determination and help from the teachers the group were able to get up this incline in the blink of a eye. With each child that went up, there were shouts of encouragement " You can do it!" "You did it!" (There was a staff at top and the bottom to assists the children if needed).

To end off our day we found some raspberry bushes where we enjoyed a little snack from Mother Nature. 

Written by Mrs.Balharry🙋🏻

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