Friday, 28 October 2016

Lets Draw

This morning I brought out some extra large paper for the children to draw on. I moved the tables, chairs and water table in order get this paper to fit on the ground. As I moved the furniture all the children were very curious.

"What are you doing.?"     "That some BIG paper." 

Through further observation  I noticed that the children got right down to work. Some children sat while other got right onto their bellies and drew. It was so neat to see how the children got really close to that paper to draw. The concentration and focus was precise.

"I'm drawing a map.This is a X for the treasure. And there is a bumpy slide.
This little girl is very expressive with her description of her drawing.

 Drawing can let children express their imagination. It can also show each child's individual personality and development. Drawing on such a large scale can give the children freedom to do more and build on creativity.

DRAWING allows children..........
Improve on fine motor skills
Observe the world around them
Plan and execute
Expand spatial awareness
Develop self confidence
Strengthen problem solving and critical thinking

Written By Miss Santillan🙋🏻

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