Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Today we decided to do a baking experience. 

The first thing we did was gathered all our ingredients. 


Then I asked the children what we need to do first before we start baking, "wash our hands" shouted one of the children. 


After all the children washed their hands we sat down at the table.

I handed one ingredient out to every child. We discussed the different ingredients that we were going to use and talked about waiting for our turn. 

We began adding the ingredients one at a time giving each child a turn to measure and pour the ingredient into the bowl. We used our counting skills to count each scoop, we also used our literacy skills by looking at the recipe to see how much of each ingredient we needed to add. 

After each ingredient was added the children all got a chance to use their fine motor skills  to stir the batter. While stirring one child used both hands to stir "it's hard to stir" she said. While using two hands to stir the bowl began to go around and around. She asked her friends if they could help her hold the bowl while she stirred. The children used teamwork and problem solving to accomplish this task.

While stirring one child started coughing, so we had a discussion about germs. The children told the other child to cover their coughs so the germs don't go into the cookies. All the children then practice cover their coughs. 

Through this experience the children used their literacy skills when reading and looking at the recipe, math skills when counting and adding ingredients and social skills by working together to get the job done. The best part was using their sense of taste to try the cookies!


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