Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Drop Challenge

I'm always amazed at how often children create a task or challenge in their play. Whether something is simple or difficult to them it is the greatest accomplishment when they achieve their goal! I observed a situation like this just this morning. Two of the boys setup a bucket at the bottom of the tree house. They watched and wondered what would happen if they dropped a car from the top of the tree. Would the car land in the bucket? This sounds easy but the challenge grew as they played on. They realized that the tree had different ledges and holes for the cars to drop off of so they didnt always land in the same place. Then the fun began when they figured out if one friend dropped the car while the other moved the bucket,  they would almost always catch the car. They found great joy in watching the car drop and seeing the different ways it would roll and bounce on the way down.  Even when they didn't catch the car at the bottom, this teamwork created a lot of cheering and laughter. These are some of the most rewarding moments a child can have!


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