Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Horse shoes anyone ?

This morning a group of girls decided to make their own horse shoe game. They took some "u" shaped magnets and some construction pipes for the marker post.

Once the game was set up each child tested it to check that the post were at the right distance. And to make sure that they each had the right amount of power in their swing to land their mark. One of the girls said " I'm going to go over the rules first so you know how to play horse shoes." She then listed off her rules and the three children took turns playing the game. 

As the last child went to take her turn she said "OK now I'm going to tell you the real rules of horse shoes. You have to get your horse shoe over the post. And only when it touches you get a point. Do you guys want to try it that way?" The other girls both responded and said "yes".They began the game again.Cheering each other on as the horse shoes came closer and closer to the post. As the game continued other children came to watch and cheer them on.

Written by Mrs.Balharry

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