Friday, 2 December 2016

Lets get Beading!!!

This child found a long lace and decided to string hair ties on to it.  He looked in the bin and sorted out all the soft hair ties. Then slowly he stringed each one onto the shoe lace.

  Going based on the child's interest, I decided bring out the bead and pipe cleaner experience. Many of the children came to the table.  The child got right down to work. They drew the beads through the pipe cleaner. Even our younger friends understood the concept.

Some children made bracelets  while others made necklaces.
"I'm making a necklace for grandma."
"I'm making one for me."
"Remember when we made necklace with fruit  loops."
"I'm making a rainbow."
The children really enjoyed this experience:
-building on fine motor
-sorting the various colors
-making a keep sake
-building on patience
"Fine motor  is essential to perform everyday skills."
Written by Miss Santillan


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