Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Blizzard

Today the big Blizzard came over the city. So, all the streets were covered in snow. This inspired me to do a unique play experience.  I brought paint, white of course for the snow, black and blue paper. Then some brushes to paint with and glitter for some winter magic.
I was so influenced by how beautiful the snow was so I decided to print out some snow pictures.  I specifically choose realistic snow images.  Then  put them out on display to see if the children  would get inspired.

From looking at these portraits  the children made their own interpretation of the image.  While other children recreated what was in front of them. The kids  honed the artist within them  and created magnificent art pieces.

"You know what Miss Santillan there is a Lizard outside."
"I'm making a picture of a Blizzard."
" my snow man."
"LOOK....I made snow balls....too."

Giving the children the opportunity to create, enable them to express mentally, creatively, emotionally and socially.

Written By :Miss Santillan

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