Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bead Fun !!!!

This morning a child asked me if I could braid her hair. I decided to add some beads. 
As I braided her hair I noticed  this child sorting the beads out into individual colors.  I asked her to pick out the colors she wanted in her hair."I like the color purple," she said. As she peered in the mirror she smiled. 😃 She then found a feather and asked to put it in her hair.

This child is creating a necklace with her beads. This peaked the interest of many other children who also came to make necklaces. 

Creating with beads brings out various skills from:
➡️Sorting different colors
➡️Working on a child's fine motor skills
➡️Pattern making
➡️Building pride
➡️Using a material in different ways

By: 🙋🏻Miss Santillan

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