Friday, 27 May 2016

Flex Aquarium

"When inspiration hits it can take you into a world of imagination." - Miss  Santillan

This morning we set out an art experience. We put out large sheets of blank white paper, an assortments of paints and brushes on the table. Also smocks  to help protect our clothes. 

The children all seemed quit interested in the experience. Some used just one color while others used many. Some children tried painting with their hands.

"This is a BIG shark."       
                                " I'm making the ocean "

While painting the children seem to take inspiration from the sea.  I asked them, what other types of things are in the ocean? 

                          Sharks            Baby fish           Star fish
                                   Rocks               Water              Plants

                                        "Never disturb an artist at work."

From our ideas, this child and I cut out fish shapes that could swim in the sea. We added baby fish, big fish and green plants for the fish to eat. The child wanted eyeballs on the fish so we added googlie eyes so that the fish could see. Then sparkles to look like the bubbles in the ocean. 

                                                  "It's as long as me."
                                                  An artists aquarium 🐠

Written By: Miss Santillan🙋🏻

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