Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sand and water play

This morning a group was playing in the sand pit. As they were playing they noticed the sand was very dry and they were unable to mold the sand. So they decided to fix the problem by adding water from the rainbarell. 

The children took turns filling up their pots and containers with water. Each day the rainbarell is filled once so the children need to work together to conserve the water supply. Once the water supply is gone that's it for the day.

 Children also use problem solving to figure out how to turn on and off the tap while holding the container still so their water doesn't spill. 
After a few trips to get water the crew is ready to start construction.

The children work together to to make channels for the water to run through. Trying to figure out how to stop the water from sinking into the ground. Through different attempts they found if they packed the sand really hard together it held the water in longer.

Written by Mrs. Balharry 🙋🏻

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