Friday, 2 December 2016

Were Going Camping

It seems as though the children are missing summer already. Some children  in class were pretending to go camping. They used all the blocks and collected many items from the house keeping area.

These  girls said that they were in camper outside.
"Ya... in the spooky forest."
"I'm the mommy and she is the sister."
"Look we brought our baby."
"We can even eat inside here."

The children were eagerly working on this project.  Adding different toys building on their imagination. The girls built a strong enclosure with the blocks. They also  made it comfy by adding some pillows to sit on. Ensured there was food to eat and we mustn't forget our purses. Just in case they need to go shopping.

These children learn that team work can create a whole new play experience.

Written By; Miss Santillan


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