Monday, 28 November 2016

First Day of Snow

Today is officially the first day of Snow!!! In the morning the children got experience it first hand.
When observing the children, they noticed that the snow was sticky enough to make a snowball. This child had a great idea to make a snow man. ( with some help from a teacher)
" The snow is sticky"
"It's stuck on my mitten"
The children searched in the snow to find some branches for arms.
"There is leaves on the snowman."
With help from my friends we were able to make a Huge snowman.
Snow is a very valuable experience for children. It exposes them to
-how the weather changes
-feel the cool snow on their hands
-create and use snow in a variety of ways ie. snowman snow balls etc
- develop a child's large muscle and fine motor
-and build a child wonderment and creativity
By: Miss Santillan

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