Friday, 13 May 2016

Baking Class with Mrs. Zilkie πŸͺ

On this rainy afternoon we decided to do a baking activity.

First the children helped me gather up all the ingredients we needed. Once we had everything we needed we made sure to wash our hands! 

We used our literacy skills to read the recipe and then match the ingredient with the name. The tricky ingredient was vanilla, but once we matched it The children got a chance to smell it, they all enjoyed the smell. 

Each children had a turn measuring and adding 1 ingredient to the bowl. 

Some of the older children got a chance to test their "delicate hands" and crack an egg. I watched as they very carefully tapped it in the side of the bowl.
"Mrs. Zilkie it won't open".

Then we used our large muscles to stir the batter...boy was it hard! We passed the bowl around to give everyone a turn. We also used team work to help each other hold the bowl so it didn't spin around while we were trying to stir.

Through this activity the children learned team work and cooperation. They waited patiently for their turn (even though at times it was hard....especially when the cookies were in the oven). We learned some simple math skills, counting and adding the ingredients together. We used literacy to read the recipe. We also used our sence of smell to smell the ingredients and the arouma of the cookies hot out of the oven! πŸͺ

Written by: Mrs. Zilkie πŸ™‹πŸΌ

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