Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Invasion of the caterpillars🐛

The children have been exploring the caterpillars on a daily basis. They were excited to find this morning that they have grown tripled in size over the long weekend! The children went from tree to tree looking for the caterpillars. Once they found them they collected some to relocate to new homes the children constructed.

"The worms need their own bedrooms. This board will be the living room."

"He's really fuzzy. And look this one has white on him"

"Look their walk sleeping! Look their walk sleeping." Mrs. Balharry asks what walk sleeping is, and is given the answer "When they walk in their sleep." 

"He's gonna fall off the wood."
"No he'll be ok because all his feet will stick to the wood."
"Look he's walk sleeping over the edge."

One of the boys adds another dandelion on the board and the caterpillars start to crawl towards it.
"It's walk sleeping to the flower. The one with the white is faster then the other one." They go on to observe the caterpillars and later create more homes for their expanding caterpillar family.

Written by Mrs. Balharry 🙋🏻

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