Wednesday, 18 May 2016

💗Love Bug🐛

Canker worms can be a pest when it comes to growing trees in your yard. To the children of Discovery  however these little worms have become their best friend and gateway into the world of nature.

 All the children were crowding against the crabapple trees inspecting something... through further observation the kids found clusters of canker worms on the trees. 

"Do they live up there?"    

                                   "Ewwww..... there is so many of them!"

"Can I have one , I want to hold one."   
                                                         " I want to name mine Maluna." 

This teacher shows the children how  to pluck them off the tree gently.  We also let the children know to put the worms back because we want to show them the importance of not disrupting nature. 

These children are building life long lessons through this experience. 

  Bravery        Confidence      Nuture      Empathy     Love

           Nature             Fine Motor       Gentleness

                       Love                     Respect


Written By: Miss Santillan🙋🏻

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