Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Speed Stacks

This morning one of our children saw something interesting that he wanted to try. It was a game called Speed Stacks. He quickly got to work gathering all the cups and making a plan for how to stack them! It started with a couple smaller stacks but that wasn't enough, he wanted a bigger challenge so he began to add all the small stacks into one tall stack of cups. One by one the cups went up, some fell down and the stack even tipped over once but that didn't stop the fun - it only made the challenge more interesting. So he kept picking the cups up and laughing the whole time until all the cups were in one big stack. Then he cheered and said "look at, it's mine, I made it!" With perseverance and joy he knew if he kept trying he could get all the cups stacked up just how he wanted them!

Written by Mr.Reimer

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