Thursday, 9 June 2016

Two Boys and a Baby

Our outdoor week has given some of the boys a new experience. After lunch on the deck the boys discovered the baby and diapers.

These two boys are tending to their baby. As the boys play they try and figure out how to put on the diaper. They try different ways backward, upside down,and right side up. They even tried to place the diaper on the baby head.

" our baby is poopie".     "You need to to change him..... I have the diaper."    
"I can do it."                       "Our baby is a boy!"   

The boys wouldnt usually be attracted to this play experience inside because there are too many toys to distract them. On the deck there was only a few activities so the boys had no choice. These babies broaden  their play and encourages different development skills.

Written by Miss. Santillan 🙋🏻

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