Friday, 2 September 2016

Harvest Meal!

As you know, the last couple days we have harvested a bunch of potatoes and purple carrots from our very own gardens! we decided to cook up our bountiful harvest and have a yummy snack with it all.

All of our friends assisted in making cactus cut potatoes with a sour cream dip and butter glazed carrots!

We started our activity by making the dip. Our friends were each able to pass the bowl around the table and show a great deal of sharing by each taking a turn to put the ingredients in the bowl.

"We all get a turn!"

"Pass the sour cream please!"

After each child put their ingredients into the bowl, we each took a turn mixing them together to make a creamy, delicious dip for our cactus cuts.

"Look guys, it's like a tornado!"

Once the dip was finished, everybody helped Mrs.Zilkie and I slice up all the carrots and potatoes. Then it was off to the kitchen...

"Mmmm, everything smells great!"

Once in the kitchen, we began to season the potatoes with a little bit of salt, oil and pepper and glaze the carrots with butter.

Afterwards, we tossed the potatoes so all of the oil and seasoning came together! 

"Tossing it like a pizza!"

Then, each friend helped place the seasoned potatoes on the cooking trays!

"Not too close together!"

After everything was prepared, we threw it all in the oven and after a little bit of was all ready to eat :)

"So yummy!"

"The best carrots ever!"

All of our friends and staff thoroughly enjoyed the spoils of our gardening and we cannot wait to have another harvest!


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