Friday, 30 September 2016

The Gruffalo House

As the children were walking in the hallway they were very excited to go outside. As we walked I began to speak with the voice of the infamous Gruffalo. ( a child story the Gruffalo). I spoke about how he lives outside  but only comes out at night. 

Child:" I know how we could catch him!"
Teacher " How?" 
Child: "We could build a trap!"

After finding a spot we began building a house with the milk crates. The children showed great teamwork and determination.

Child: "We need a roof."
So, we added a roof for protection and safety.

These girls pretended to blow a whistle call the Gruffallo to come to the house. 
Child:" When they hear the noise the Gruffallo will come really fast."

When it was done the children played each one pretending to to be the Gruffalo. They ran in and out of the house howling and giggling with joy.

As the play soon end I decided to commemorate the play be reading the Gruffalo story in the Grauffalo house.

Written By: Miss Santillan 🙋🏻

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