Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dinosaur eggs part two

Recently the children worked together to make some dinosaur eggs. Here's what happened once they were frozen.

The children started to explore the eggs looking to see if they could spot the dinosaurs inside.
This started a huge discussion as some of the children noticed that there were different dinosaurs in each egg.

They wanted to get the dinosaurs out and decided the best way would be to use hammers. So the staff brought out safety glasses and ball point hammers for them to start their excavation work.

They quickly learned that if they hammered too fast the egg smashed causing the dinosaurs to break. But if they took their time the pieces would crumble off and the dinosaurs would come free without damaging them.

As the play experience continued, there was a lot of discussion to why dinosaurs are extinct, what they ate, where they might have lived, and if they could survive in our world today. A lot of food for thought!

Written by Mrs. Balharry

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