Tuesday, 8 March 2016


One of our parents brought in some seeds today for us to plant this spring! Our goal this summer is to harvest our gardens once a week for snack. A big thank you to Faye!!


The children began to sort through them. They held up each package to show their friends and teachers calling out the items that they found. 

                                               "Look I found some carrots".

We discussed all the different things we can make with the seeds:
Pumpkin: pie
Carrots: soup, muffins, cake
Corn: "eat the corn, hold on the sides and eat the seeds off the top".

As the children were sorting though the seeds the children starting finding matching packages of seeds. They held up the matches in the air "look the same". 

Then another child picked up the package of cantaloupe seeds, she went to the other room when she came back she had a piece of cantaloupe from the house keeping area "look this is what these seeds will make". This child is showing assimilation between a tiny seed and the actual fruit. 

As the children sorted through all the packages of seeds they learned:
-matching skills

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  1. A special thanks goes out to the parent who took the initiative to get the support of their employer and bring in the seeds. These kind of unplanned surprises can really make a difference in the day, and it is so exciting to see how the children react to these surprises. That is such great team work. BRAVO!