Thursday, 2 June 2016

Is that you Bob the builder?

Each day it's a update to see what the worker have done in the back parking lot. The children greet the workers asking what their doing and watch as they work.

On this day a very heated discussion took place between some of our children debating whether or not this piece of equipment was "Bob the builder's tractor." 
One child said " It's Bob the builder's tractor." 
The other child said "No it's not Bob the builder's tractor because it doesn't have eyes on it."  
The first child responded " You can't see the eye's cause there closed." 
The second child then said " The eyes don't close on Bob the builder!"

Other equipment came and and the children qickly ran over to check it for "eyes."
"See there's no eyes on this one."
The other child responds " That's cause there closed. Just like you close your eyes."

As the children continued the debate one of the workers walked by. The children stopped him and asked "Hey Mr. Construction guy is that Bob the builder's tractor?"The worker responded "Ya but he's asleep." They children started to cheer. Then one of them said to the other " I knew it!"

Written by Mrs. Balharry 🙋🏻

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