Friday, 17 June 2016

Shadow Puppets

Today during nap time some of the older children were quietly looking at books. It was dark in the nap room so Miss Santillan got a flash light and propped it up to give them light. They looked at books for a few minutes, then one child noticed the flash light was projecting light onto the cupboard doors. She stood up and started waving her hands around in front of the light. When she did that she saw the shadow of her hands on the cupboard doors. Then she swayed her body back and forth watching her every move magnified on the door. Then she decided to try and make puppets with her hand. She held up 2 fingers and move her hand up and down like a bunny hopping. She continued for several minutes trying different things with her hands and body. 

This play experience builds on children's creativity through experimenting. Building confidence by expressing themselves freely through movement and natural curiosity about light and shadow.

Questions to ask to expand on children's learning and thinking. 

"Do you think the shape of the shadow can change?"
"How can you make a shadow?"
"How can you make your shadow longer?"

Written by: Mrs. Zilkie 🙋🏼

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