Monday, 20 June 2016

My buddy🐛

Well although the tent worm caterpillars may not have been a hit with the adults, they sure have been a hit with the children this spring. There has been so much learning taking place around the caterpillars. Children talking about where they live, what they eat, how big they grow, and how they cling to things. The children have even made personal collections of the caterpillars giving them names and making homes for them. And a few have even snuck the little critters home in their pockets. Nothing like a surprise for moms and dads. One of our children searches each day for some caterpillars. Once he's found a few he starts placing them on his hat.

 He then returns to play checking every few minutes to make sure that all his caterpillars are accounted for.

Yup they're all there.

He then puts his hat back on making sure not to lose any caterpillars.

Knowing how much he likes caterpillars his peer joins him in his search for more. They notice one crawling in the rock and add it to the collection. The two share the fun of trying to find more. This turns out to be a peaceful way of spending the morning.

Written by Mrs. Balharry 🙋🏻

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