Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Another King's Park adventure

Today, our group took another adventure to King's Park!

To our surprise there were still a ton of frogs as we ventured down the many paths and trails of the park! We may not have caught as many of the little critters as we usually do, but that didn't stop us from exploring our senses in the vast array of nature our park has to offer.

"I thought it was impossible to find a dandelion this big!!"

We discovered many new kinds of flowers, huge dandelions and different bugs, walked down  lots of different pathways and trails, rolled down a huge hill as a group and even climbed a 'mountain' within the park to develop our sense of touch.

"Woah! This hill is huge!"

We walked through a labyrinth of flowers and sniffed some of the different flowers while climbing the 'mountain' to experience different smells.

We found many new paths off the main stretch, found some walking sticks and to no surprise captured some frogs to highlight our sense of sight!

"Look, I'm a ninja!"

And playing with our sense of sound, the children played 'drums' on the trees, shook leaves as maracas, heard many different birds and insects and practiced our best bird calls!

"Look, it sounds like a drum!"

"The leaves are making music!"

While we didn't do too much in regards to taste, we still enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch! What a wonderful experience!


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