Thursday, 4 August 2016

Who lives here?

Today the older children ventured out to Kings Park. Because of the extreme heat today we only went for half day. 

First the kids were so excited to catch frogs. They wanted to see if they had grown from the previous week. A child eagerly went into the bush and came out a couple minutes later with a couple frogs in his catcher. "Look how big theses ones are, they must have had a birthday" he said. 

Next we decided to take a walk through the trails. Along the way we noticed lots of different holes in the trees and ground.

One child points to the holes along the path and says "look this is where the frogs live".

As we continues on our walk the children kept pointing out more and more holes. I asked them some questions to get them thinks no and curious about what we found.
"What do you think lives there?" 
"What do you think they have in there home? Funiture?" A child response: "A frogs house has grasshoppers, beetles, no furniture" and starts to laugh. 

As we were discussing who lives here we saw wasp's flying in and out of this hole. We decided that there must be a wasp nest inside the tree. 

The children had their eyes peeled looking for different homes. They discussed together what they thought might live in the hole and came up with a collaborative disision. 

The children used team work to work together to brainstorm different animals that they thouggt lived in the park. They showed excitement everytime they found a new home that they could talk about. 

Before lunch we played a quick game of hide and go seek. The children used their math skills to count to 10. They also had to show patience as they waited for thier turn to count and to be found. 

Every week we go back the children find things they have never seen before. Of course there is always the favourite: catching frogs and hide and seek at the labrath. Wonder what we will find next week, stayed tuned.....

Written by: Mrs. Zilkie 🙋🏼

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