Thursday, 25 August 2016

Kings Park August 24th

Well today was our last beyond trip to Kings park. It was a little bitter sweet because it was the best day weatherwise that we've had for Kings park. And sad in the fact because we won't be returning until next summer.
Today Preschool two joined us. We showed them some of our favourite trails and our ever famous frog finding spot.

We used our eye hand coordination to master some hills along the way.

We even gave them some pointers on how to make it easier on getting up and down.

As we continued on the trails we came across some deer tracks. Mrs. Balharry taught us that you can identify deer tracks because they look like two finger marks with a space in between them. And that you can tell if the tracks are fresh if they are wet. If they are hard then they've been there for a while.

                     As we continued on we kept our eyes on the lookout for more tracks!

Before lunch we did a little "mountain climbing" up a hill. The children cheered each other on as they made it to the top.
"I didn't know I could do it, but i did do it.I really did!"

To finish off our day we did some exploring at the Rock flower garden. It's a great spot for learning  about flowers. Watching birds,squirrels and insects.

As we going through the flower garden a park staff stopped us and commented that they loved how respectful our children were of the flowers and of the park, leaving the park the way we found it and keeping it litter free. 

Written by Mrs Balharry 🙋🏻

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