Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pylon Singing

Most of our children jump at any mention or opportunity to go to the gym. Afternoon gym time is ideal way for our freshly rested or non-gonna-sleep bodies to run around and shout while others finish resting. Balls and scooters and hockey-net forts are favorites of play.

A few weeks ago, some children discovered we could amplify our voices by speaking into pylons stacked in the corner. At first is was exciting to shout at the other children through the pylons, but very quickly the shouters organized something of a concert featuring songs with original titles, melodies and lyrics.

One child performed a ballad of supportive friendship, name 'If You Have a Friend"
"All your friends can help you / Make you feel better when you're feeling sad / It's okay, they can make you feel better again."

Another child sang a song of affection:
"You're so sweet / I love you / You're cute, and I love you when you're cute"

Another song performed was called 'Everybody in the City."
The children themselves made sure to sit silently on the bench and listen to the others singers during their time on the stage. so everyone could be heard.

As these children experiment with the creative opportunities they are find, are given and/or organize for themselves, they are learning how to express their ideas in arts and the importance of being a supportive audience.

// Mr. Brandt

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